• We all have a stake in the future of the CFPB. Polls consistently show that the CFPB is that rarest form of regulatory agency: one that — after Americans learn more about it — is supported by broad majorities of people belonging to both parties (80…
  • Obamacare registration on the rise by millions - future unpredictable (Chinese). 儘管川普政府威脅終止歐記健保,讓健保法未來充滿變數,聯邦健保及醫療補助計畫服務中心(Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ,CMS)6日公布的2018年歐記健保開放市場申購一個月狀況,目前已有超過360萬人入保,其中近百萬是新入保者。由於今年開放入保期從過去三個月減為一個半月,距離12月15日截期僅剩九天,CMS在官網呼籲無保險民眾趕緊行動,而續保者最好別用自動登記(auto-enrollment),而是至官網healthcare.gov更新並選擇適合自己的健保計畫。
  • Out-of-pocket health spending in 2016 increased at fastest rate. U.S. health care spending increased to $3.3 trillion in 2016, with out-of-pocket health care costs borne directly by consumers rising 3.9 percent — the fastest rate of growth since 2007.  A shift toward insurance plans that transfer more of the…
  • How will consumers fare if CVS and Aetna merge?. With their merged data about people’s health and vast reach, CVS and Aetna assert that they have the opportunity to make real change in a health care landscape that nearly everyone agrees is too convoluted,…
  • CVS agrees to buy Aetna in $69 billion deal. Pharmacy giant CVS Health has agreed to buy Aetna in a $69 billion blockbuster acquisition that could rein in health care costs and transform its 9,700 pharmacy storefronts into community medical hubs for primary care and…


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - December 2017. The December 2017 issue of Consumer Action's monthly newsletter updates readers on last month's National Consumer Empowerment Conference; gives housing agencies and their staff an overview of a valuable HUD resource; cautions against purchasing fraudulent "knock off bags" and other luxury products; introduces our latest annual report and more.
  • Who loses if Trump guts consumer watchdog?. If you have a credit card, mortgage, payday loan or do any type of consumer financing, expect to be hurt by President Donald Trump’s plan to gut the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau — a controversial…
  • The CFPB's giant database of consumer complaints. For the last several years, anyone with a gripe about a bank, mortgage lender or student loan servicer has had a place to go.  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has maintained a giant public database…
  • Dueling officials vye to lead federal consumer watchdog. The battle over who will lead a prominent federal consumer watchdog agency escalated Monday, with dueling leaders each claiming control before a federal judge during a chaotic day of public appearances and maneuvering. By the…
  • Slowdown in consumer protection predicted at CFPB. President Trump is widely expected to name Mick Mulvaney, who currently serves as head of the White House Office of Management and Budget, as interim director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau... Before joining the Trump White House,…
  • Ambulance fees drive up patient costs. One patient got a $3,660 bill for a four-mile ride. Another was charged $8,460 for a trip from a hospital that could not handle his case to another that could. Still another found herself marooned…

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