• What to do if your financial information is stolen. Contrary to what movies portray, the most common crimes are not Taken-style abductions or home invasions, but the theft of personal information.  "The most effective way to keep tabs on all of these accounts is…
  • Deep in Trump country, a big stake in health care. Even after the latest Senate effort to overturn the bill collapsed last month, Republicans insisted that the failure was not the final word on the matter for this Congress. “At some point there will be…
  • Fake kidnapping calls are on the rise. The FBI is out with a new warning about an increase in fake kidnapping calls. That's when criminals lie about taking a loved one, and then demand money. The FBI is launching an awareness campaign…
  • A stunning blow to Obamacare. In the biggest attack on the healthcare law yet, the administration will end payments that insurers use to help poor customers.
  • Wringing cash from life insurance. It comes as a surprise to many older adults that the life insurance policies they’ve been paying premiums on for years might bring them money while they’re still alive.
  • Trump to sign order to eliminate ACA insurance rules. President Trump is due to sign an executive order intended to allow individuals and small businesses to buy a long-disputed type of health insurance that skirts state regulations and Affordable Care Act protections. The White…
  • Trump to allow people to buy insurance across state lines (Chinese). 【新唐人2017年10月10日讯】周二,美国总统川普(特朗普)表示,很可能在本周签署行政令,允许美国民众跨州购买保险。这是在国会废除奥巴马健保的努力失败后,川普试图通过总统的行政权,来挽救美国的健保市场。
  • How to plan for the unforeseen. Even thinking about an unexpected, life-changing event can be unsettling. But death or illness can happen at any time. Unfortunately, people do not plan for such events. And statistically, most younger people could go years…
  • Monopoly Man photobombs Senate hearing on Equifax. The Monopoly Man made an appearance at the Senate Banking Committee hearing on the massive Equifax data breach.  Wearing a top hat, monocle, and white mustache, the character sat directly behind former Equifax (EFX) CEO…
  • Best Buy bets on adults remotely monitoring aging parents. By 2020, 45 million Americans will be caring for 117 million seniors. The retailer offers a $29 monthly monitoring service using internet-connected gear. Jane Helgesen had a rough night recently, as nausea kept the 71-year-old…
  • Deciding the right path for shielding your credit report. In response to the breach, Equifax is now offering a year of free credit monitoring through its identity-theft prevention service, TrustedID Premier. The service gives you the option to freeze or lock your credit file…
  • Hacen campaña en EEUU a favor del Obamacare. Ex funcionarios del gobierno de Barack Obama lanzaron el miércoles una campaña para animar a la población a registrarse en el programa de salud impulsado por la administración anterior.

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