• Mulvaney requests zero funding for the consumer bureau. In his first quarterly funding request as acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Mick Mulvaney is asking for nothing. The request for no funding came as Mulvaney announced the first step toward an…
  • Unlikely technology helping autonomous cars see. Cars that can already park themselves, apply brakes, avoid obstacles, and find the correct lane rely on sensors and transmitters hidden in bumpers and side panels. Paints and coatings can interfere with or improve the…
  • Former identity thief now fights crimes he helped perfect. Few people know more about identity theft than Brett Shannon Johnson, a convicted identity thief who was once on the Secret Service’s Most Wanted list. Johnson made millions developing online fraud techniques and creating two…
  • Health 202: Trump is pushing a new health-care button. The Trump administration proposed, after several delays, its promised rule to crack open the door to alternative health insurance venues for Americans who are self-employed or who work for small businesses that may not offer…
  • Pharma, under attack for drug prices, starts industry war. It’s not easy to get Americans mad at a behind-the-scenes industrythey’ve barely even heard of, but pharmaceutical companies have spent most of this year trying. “Who decides what you pay for your medicines? Not who you might think,” a…
  • Seven simple ways to be better with money in 2018. 1) Weekly ‘bad news’ text alerts This is really easy and effective. Nearly everyone is surprised when their credit card bill arrives at the end of the month, especially that dreaded January credit card bill. …
  • Financial tips 2018 on taxes, savings and insurance. Insurance isn’t sexy. In fact, it’s boring. But insurance is the foundation of any financial plan, as it protects people from catastrophic losses that can wipe them out. Jan. 1 is the time to make…
  • Finance 202: Congress has hefty to-do list. Looming early and large: The federal government runs out of money Jan. 19.  The negotiations look exceedingly difficult, considering the range of charged issues  — including measures to stabilize health insurance markets; provide a long-term…
  • Consumer Action INSIDER - January 2018. The January 2018 issue of Consumer Action's monthly newsletter gives readers the scoop on an "investor bootcamp" that one of our allies recently held in Washington, DC; features an enlightening interview with a representative from the Bank on San Francisco initiative; gives advice on how to handle bad customer service; presents our latest issue of Consumer Action News (on student loan repayment options) and much more.



  • Consumers were the biggest losers of 2017. American consumers took it on the chin in 2017, as regulations designed to protect them were weakened or eliminated by the administration of President Donald Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress. Two main issues stood out:…
  • A judge takes aim at 'voluntary' company wellness programs. The dark downside is that “voluntary” wellness programs give employers a window into their workers’ health profiles that is otherwise an illegal invasion of their privacy. That’s the aspect that bothered Federal Judge John D.…
  • How big tech is going after your healthcare. Tech companies are accelerating their efforts to remake health care by developing or collaborating on new tools for consumers, patients, doctors, insurers and medical researchers. And they are increasingly investing in health start-ups.
  • Trump’s dark deregulation. Passing legislation and rolling back regulatory rules are hard. There are quieter, easier ways to cut down on governmental oversight. Here are five ways the Trump administration is doing so. The Data Dump - An…
  • Reforma fiscal no anima mucho a simpatizantes de Trump. Basta preguntarle a alguien como San Banks sobre la reforma fiscal que el presidente Donald Trump promulgó el viernes para escuchar algo diferente a la alegría efusiva que los republicanos mostraron días atrás en el…

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