• Consumer Action INSIDER - June 2018. This month's INSIDER highlights the 2018 Consumer Lobby Day in Washington, DC; updates you on the latest changes to the California LifeLine discounted phone service program; gives advice on how you can use social media to complain about your customer concerns; and promotes our new Vision Action Center (which outlines the rights of consumers who purchase contact lenses and eyeglasses), among other articles. We also update readers on our latest "coalition efforts" and list the latest lawsuit settlements from our Class Action Database.
  • Why some patients getting drugmakers' help are paying more. Until recently payments by the drug company helped Kristen Catton save money on her medical out-of-pocket expenses, because they counted toward her family's $8,800 annual pharmacy deductible on their health plan. But this year, Catton…


  • La telemedicina, buen recurso para los ancianos. Todas las mañanas Sidney Kramer, de 92 años, se coloca un medidor de presión en su brazo y se pesa, y los registros son transmitidos a un equipo de enfermeras y al teléfono de su…
  • Audience reacts to big bill for tiny screws. Kaiser Health News and NPR began collecting people's health care bills for examination early this year. We have waded through roughly 500 submissions, choosing just one each month to decode and dissect.
  • Pacientes con cáncer sufren además la carga financiera. Josephine Rizo sobrevivió la quimioterapia, cirugía y radiación, pero el tratamiento para el cáncer mamario le destruyó las finanzas. El dinero ya era un problema cuando los médicos en Phoenix le dijeron a Rizo que…
  • Jubilados que emigran deben pensar bien lo que hacen. El mundo está lleno de paraísos tropicales y de otros sitios exóticos donde una pareja puede vivir bien con 2.000 dólares al mes o menos. Además, una buena atención médica puede costar mucho menos que…
  • Consumer Reports tests best sunscreens. "In our sunscreen tests, we found that many sunscreens don't meet the SPF level printed on the package. So Consumer Reports recommends buying a chemical sunscreen with an SPF 40 or higher," said Susan Booth,…
  • Now hiring, for a one-day job: the gig economy hits retail. Labor experts say companies that hire for one-day jobs, like Snag Work, could set a dangerous precedent. Employers are already wary of hiring full-time employees because of overtime and health-care costs, they say, and having…
  • Mick Mulvaney is not fit to lead the CFPB. It is time for President Trump to appoint a qualified, permanent and ethical leader for the CFPB. Mick Mulvaney should step down so that can happen. And if he refuses to do so, Trump should…

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