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  • Consumer movement at a crossroads. Since 1989, all new cars sold in the United States have had an air bag on the driver's side. It's estimated they save almost 3,000 lives a
  • How much house can you afford?. The past two years have demonstrated in dramatic fashion what can happen to people who overreach to buy the home they want. The lesson: Qualifying
  • Mortgage modifications show limited success. A new government report released yesterday underscored the limited success of industry efforts to reduce foreclosures by modifying mortgage loans, offering fuel for both sides
  • Burglaries may increase during downturn. They're holiday rituals of the Grinchy sort, annual warnings from local police telling us how to protect ourselves from burglary and theft during the dark,
  • Treasury weighs action on mortgage rates. The Treasury Department is strongly considering a plan to intervene directly in the mortgage industry to dramatically force down rates and stimulate the moribund housing


  • US not getting health care we 'pay for'. Talk to the chief executives of America's preeminent health-care institutions, and you might be surprised by what you hear: When it comes to medical care,
  • Health insurance deductibles march higher. Employers are dramatically shifting healthcare costs onto workers, so much so that the average annual deductible for an individual surpassed $1,000 for the first time this
  • Treasury's Bailouts Are Getting Us Chumped. I usually don't enjoy watching congressional hearings. They are often packed with blustering, long-winded, self-serving speeches that are nap-inducing. But a recent hearing before the
  • Keeping your cash safe. Many depositors feel safer now that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. has, at least through 2009, raised insurance limits from $100,000 to $250,000 per individual account. Joint accounts
  • New plan for at-risk mortgages. Who is participating: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and many major lenders and mortgage servicers, effective Dec. 15. The servicer is the company to which you send
  • Government to grant AIG larger bailout. The federal government today announced an expanded effort to bail out American International Group, including a partial government takeover of the company, as the troubled
  • La guía para manejarte en la crisis. Cuando preguntamos a los norteamericanos sobre su mayor preocupación actual, nos respondieron fuerte y claro: tener suficiente dinero para jubilarse, el valor de sus


  • ¿Cuánto cuesta tu salud?. Si eres como la mayoría de quienes viven en Estados Unidos, casi seguro que no tienes, en realidad, una idea muy clara de cuá

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