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  • Bailout bill to go to House. Saying the nation's economy is on the line, congressional leaders are pushing for a vote today on a $700-billion plan to end the financial system's
  • What's next for WaMu customers?. These are nail-biting times for bank customers. On Thursday, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. seized the assets of Washington Mutual, the nation's largest savings
  • WaMu sold to Chase. In the biggest bank failure in U.S. history, Washington Mutual Bank was seized late Thursday by federal regulators and immediately sold to JPMorgan Chase &
  • Aetna to let outside doctors decide. Aetna Inc., the third-largest U.S. health insurer, will let outside doctors decide whether to cancel coverage for sick customers suspected of obtaining policies through
  • Registry for wrecks back on track. On Monday a federal judge ruled in favor of consumer groups and gave the government a deadline to finally implement a law Congress passed in 1992.
  • The Crisis and your pocketbook. The government's complicated financial intervention has left many everyday consumers and investors curious about the impact on their pocketbook. Today, The Post is starting a
  • Seguros de salud privados. En un mercado muy competitivo, en el que los prospectos de los seguros de salud usan un lenguaje complicado y técnico (y los vendedores
  • AIG Insurance: How am I affected?. The financial problems at American International Group Inc. may be causing you great concern if you hold an AIG life, health, home or auto insurance
  • How safe is your money fund?. The strains on the Reserve Primary Money Market Fund have prompted investors to ask whether their own money-market funds could be at risk. Money-market funds
  • What market tumult means for us. The stunning events rattling the financial markets are raising a lot of questions about the average person's finances. We talked to several experts to find
  • New website on medication safety. Amid the deluge of drug advertising and news about safety issues, plenty of patients are bewildered over how to weigh the risks and benefits of
  • The effects of credit crisis at home. The turmoil sweeping through the financial markets has left many people worried about their own stocks, bank accounts, and retirement funds. The tottering of investment
  • FHA loans enjoy a boom. It was the mortgage of last resort when home sales were booming. Buyers balked at the paperwork. Sellers hated the home-repair rules. What a difference
  • Cómo ahorrar dinero en tus seguros. En una época de aumento sustancial de precios necesitas una mejor arma para luchar contra la economía tambaleante. Y para eso el Insurance Information
  • New car accident database lacking. Long-awaited information on serious vehicle accidents was released to the public Wednesday by the federal government, but crucial data on tires and child-safety seats was
  • Gustav victims face insurance worries. As victims of Hurricane Gustav's fury turn to their insurance companies for help in recovering from the wind and water inflicted damage to their property,
  • Hybrid savings: winners and losers. In its October issue, Consumer Reports magazine looks at the overall financial benefit of 12 different hybrid vehicles. The analysis takes into account initial outlays compared

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