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  • Consumer Action INSIDER - May 2013.
    The May 2013 edition of the INSIDER features stories about our activities at various financial literacy events, some considerations when teaching older adults and a new credit resource created by our staff. Hotline Chronicles looks at the case of a woman who was convinced against her better judgment to purchase a timeshare.
  • Consumer Action INSIDER - April 2013.
    The April 2013 issue of Consumer Action INSIDER features stories about our staff activities, including our participation at the Consumer Assembly, new legislation we support to protect accountholders from excessive overdraft fees, the potential perils of ignoring bill collectors' calls, a new grant to work on electronic medical privacy education, and more.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - March 2013.
    In the new issue of Consumer Action INSIDER, our monthly e-newsletter, we recount our recent doings, including response from an online poll about using credit cards after the CARD Act, reports on 2012 hotline complaints and free publication distribution, coalition efforts with our consumer colleagues and our ongoing outreach to community partners. In this month's Hotline Chronicles, we talk about the "dual tracking" of foreclosures and loan modifications, which unfairly impact homeowners in financial distress who are seeking to save their homes.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - January 2013.
    The January issue of INSIDER presents stories about Consumer Action's recent activities, including coalition efforts to explain online data collection to consumers, our recent Consumer Action News "Frugal Issue" and the work we expect to be doing in 2013, as well as suggestions to avoid restocking fees on returned merchandise and more.



  • Consumer Action INSIDER – August 2011.
    The August issue of Consumer Action INSIDER carries news of the organization's activities, including financial empowerment efforts, our upcoming 40th anniversary celebration, and the recipients of a new round of MoneyWi$e mini grants. In Hotline Chronicles, we answer a question about moving out-of-state with a Section 8 voucher.




  • Consumer Action INSIDER - May 2011.
    The May 2011 issue of Consumer Action INSIDER brings you news of our activities. Among other news, we were awarded a $1 million grant from HUD, we joined an amicus brief in the Viacom v. YouTube case, and we started a new series to highlight the great services we have available on the Web.


  • Consumer Action Insider - April 2011.
    This issue of Consumer Action INSIDER features stories on our new WirelessED education initiative, a moving "hostage situation," a Vermont lawsuit over prescription drug privacy and the important legacy of New York City's Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, among other articles.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - February 2011.
    This issue of Consumer Action INSIDER features stories about some of our new projects, a report on the complaints we received last year and the tale of a fellow who failed to notice an increase in his minimum credit card payment and was made to pay for the oversight.



  • Consumer Action INSIDER - January 2011.
    The January 2011 issue of Consumer Action INSIDER offers a recap of a banner year for consumer protections, a look at our privacy work and a consumer's experience with bogus "debt collectors."
  • Consumer Action Insider - December 2010.
    This issue of Consumer Action INSIDER includes stories about our first annual Financial Empowerment Conference, the outcome of a service grant we received from the Taproot Foundation and a consumer's experience with a "free trial" that was anything but free.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - September 2010.
    The September issue of INSIDER contains articles on the recent activities of Consumer Action and its staff. This month we share stories about the awardees in our mini-grants program, a fraud we uncovered in the Chinese speaking community in San Francisco and our training activities in the Lone Star state, among other news.


  • 2010 Spring Issue: Travel Insurance Issue.
    Consumer Action devotes this issue of Consumer Action News to helping consumers avoid the "gotchas" when buying travel insurance. Learn the right questions to ask and the resources to use to compare travel insurance options that will provide you with financial protection when you travel.



  • Health Care Action Issue [Spring 2009].
    The Health Care Action Issue features articles on heath care reform, how to get health coverage, health savings accounts, new help for laid-off workers with COBRA premiums, tips to control health care costs and a bold health coverage experiment in San Francisco.



  • Insurance Issue [Fall 2008].
    In the Fall 2008 issue, Consumer Action focuses on insurance. The results of an online poll reveal details about consumers and insurance coverage, including the downsides to filing a claim. Other topics include credit car rental car coverage, how to add "riders" to policies, the privacy implications of "pay-as-you-drive" insurance, increased FDIC deposit insurance, rental insurance and news of a new insurance web site created by Consumer Action. For much more, see the Table of Contents below.

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