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  • Consumer Action INSIDER - July 2018.
    This month's INSIDER promotes our new education modules on disaster preparedness for homeowners/rents and on how to evade scammers; tells the tale of a consumer who was given the runaround by his home warranty company when he needed a hot water heater; updates readers on the latest happenings at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (which is currently under assault by its own director); gives information on our "coalition efforts" and lists the latest lawsuit settlements from our Class Action Database.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - June 2018.
    This month's INSIDER highlights the 2018 Consumer Lobby Day in Washington, DC; updates you on the latest changes to the California LifeLine discounted phone service program; gives advice on how you can use social media to complain about your customer concerns; and promotes our new Vision Action Center (which outlines the rights of consumers who purchase contact lenses and eyeglasses), among other articles. We also update readers on our latest "coalition efforts" and list the latest lawsuit settlements from our Class Action Database.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - May 2018.
    This month's INSIDER brings you articles on our work to highlight missing mandatory signs at optometrists' offices in California; the results of a survey of our network partners about our consumer educational materials; our train-the-trainer event on job training and apprenticeship programs; and a new financial health pilot we're working on, among other news. Hotline Chronicles tells the story of the hasty repossession of a woman's deceased dad's car and we have a crop of "coalition efforts" and some interesting new lawsuit settlements from our Class Action Database.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - April 2018.
    This month's INSIDER brings you stories about the Federal Trade Commission's Contact Lens Workshop; an agency that protects municipal bond investors; updates to our Consumer Services Guide; new legislation we're following in California; and planning activities for our annual Consumer Empowerment Conference. Hotline Chronicles discusses a complaint from a homebuyer who was asked to pay a real estate agent in advance in order to find a home.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - March 2018.
    The March issue offers information for taxpayers, such as news of our updated Earned Income Tax Credit brochure and "hacks" to help with your taxes, as well as the release of a new slide deck for trainers who teach adults, a "Roundup" of new class actions and political shenanigans at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Hotline Chronicles hears from a man with a "surprise" medical bill—a growing problem because of increasing deductibles and strict in-network health plans.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - February 2018.
    This month's Hotline Chronicles looks at how to avoid tax scams. The new INSIDER also features articles about a recent train-the-trainer event focusing on vocational and job training schools; an interview with the leader of an innovative partner agency; how the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's priorities have changed with political winds; and new class actions and coalition activities.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - January 2018.
    The January 2018 issue of Consumer Action's monthly newsletter gives readers the scoop on an "investor bootcamp" that one of our allies recently held in Washington, DC; features an enlightening interview with a representative from the Bank on San Francisco initiative; gives advice on how to handle bad customer service; presents our latest issue of Consumer Action News (on student loan repayment options) and much more.



  • Consumer Action INSIDER - December 2017.
    The December 2017 issue of Consumer Action's monthly newsletter updates readers on last month's National Consumer Empowerment Conference; gives housing agencies and their staff an overview of a valuable HUD resource; cautions against purchasing fraudulent "knock off bags" and other luxury products; introduces our latest annual report and more.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - November 2017.
    The November 2017 issue of Consumer Action's monthly newsletter updates readers on our recent 46th year anniversary and awards event in Washington, DC, guides them on what to do to restore paper-based communications from companies that only want to offer electronic billing and other statements, outlines efforts by the Center for Financial Services Innovation to help business determine and improve the financial health of their customers, and more.
  • Consumer Action INSIDER - October 2017.
    The October 2017 issue of Consumer Action's monthly newsletter updates readers on a new Credit Builders Alliance educational program, advises consumers on how to combat the increasing spread of fake news, gives instructions on how to respond in the wake of the massive Equifax data breach, outlines our latest efforts to educate community-based organizations on elder financial abuse, and more.


  • Investment basics (Fall 2017).
    Investing is necessary if you want to outpace inflation and achieve long-term financial goals. In the "Investment Basics" issue of Consumer Action News, we offer essential information and resources for understanding and managing the costs of investing, vetting financial advisers, avoiding common investing pitfalls and fine-tuning your investment game. We also report on the status of the fiduciary rule—increased protection for investors that is being resisted by some in the industry and government.


  • Alternative data and financial inclusion (Summer 2017).
    In this issue of Consumer Action News, we examine how alternative data may affect access to credit for consumers with limited credit options. Included are the results of a poll we conducted to gauge consumer attitudes about the use of alternative data (non-loan-related information) in lending decisions.


  • Rules at Risk (Spring 2017).
    Much progress has been achieved for American consumers in recent years. But many of these protections are now at risk of repeal.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - February 2017.
    The February 2017 issue of Consumer Action's monthly newsletter introduces two new guides (one on savvy online shopping and another on updates to the Earned Income Tax Credit); introduces our latest annual report; teaches you how to avoid paying for your paid tax preparer's mistakes; details a series of online banking webinars; and more.


  • Language Access Issue (Winter 2016-2017).
    The latest issue of Consumer Action News covers the challenges that consumers with limited English proficiency (LEP) face in the United States today and describes the policies and resources developed to help them function in an English-centric society.
  • Consumer Action INSIDER - January 2017.
    The January 2017 issue of Consumer Action's monthly newsletter gives you a recap of our National Consumer Empowerment Conference, explains the recent "friend of the court" briefings we've filed, fills you in on the invaluable work our fair housing allies are engaging in, offers advice on what to do when confronted with data overage fees and more.



  • Consumer Action INSIDER - December 2016.
    The December 2016 issue of Consumer Action's monthly newsletter brings you news of our updated debt collection resources, explains why you might need earthquake insurance, fills you in on our 45th anniversary celebration, offers advice on what to do when confronted with restocking fees, and more.


  • CFPB Complaint Database Issue (Fall 2016).
    Consumer Action presents a new study of the public complaint database established by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). This report breaks down the most common types of complaints, explains how to access and filter the data from existing complaints, examines the ways companies respond to consumers and provides tips on filing a complaint with the CFPB.



  • Credit Reporting Issue - Winter 2015.
    The credit reporting issue of Consumer Action News covers some welcome changes in reporting rules and the dispute resolution process, explains how consumers can access free credit scores and deal with delinquent debt on their reports, and throws light on the rights and challenges for job seekers and data breach victims.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - April 2015.
    This month's INSIDER brings you stories on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau plan to allow complainants to share their "stories" with the public, how people without Social Security numbers can still request free annual credit reports, a new class action open for claims, and a new educational package on automobile insurance released by Consumer Action. Hotline Chronicles looks at a case of a disgruntled mortgage holder who paid on time but is still being hounded for his payments.
  • Automotive recalls issue (Winter 2014-2015).
    Consumer Action's newsletter reports on used cars under safety recall that are sold without recall problems being repaired. The problem affects dealership "loaner" cars and rental vehicles as well.

    This issue is available in bulk for non-profit or government agencies to distribute for educational purposes. You can order this issue by downloading the order form here and fill in your details.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - March 2015.
    The March 2015 issue of Consumer Action INSIDER features stories about our work on California legislative issues, new class actions and a look at credit scores and medical debt discussed at the most recent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau consumer advisory board meeting. Hotline Chronicles tells the tale of two consumers who had trouble getting their cell phones unlocked—a new option that major wireless carriers have agreed to provide to subscribers who are no longer under contracts.
  • Consumer Action INSIDER - February 2015.
    This month’s INSIDER includes 2014 complaint statistics for our free consumer hotline, the latest additions to the Class Action Database, the announcement of our just-published FY2014 annual report, and a summary of Consumer Action’s comments to the CFPB on its language access plan. Hotline Chronicles offers timely tips for avoiding a bad tax preparer and expensive tax refund products.


  • Consumer Action INSIDER - January 2015.
    This month's INSIDER features the fifth annual Consumer Action's National Conference, forced arbitration and the Hotline Chronicles. The Hotline Chronicles reviews bill collectors contacting family members.



  • Specialty Consumer Reports Issue (Fall 2014).
    Consumer Action has compiled information for consumers about "specialty consumer reports.” Like credit reports, these specialized consumer reports gather details about individuals to help companies predict a customer’s risk level to a business. But the existence of these “specialty” reports is not well known among consumers, who stand to lose the most if the reports contain errors or omissions.

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