• Employer-paid health insurance costs slow. The cost of employer-provided health insurance rose 6.1 percent this year, the smallest jump since 1999 but still well above the increase in wages and consumer prices, according to an annual survey released yesterday by the Henry
  • California's ambitious health plan fails. After losing much of August to a budget impasse, state lawmakers and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger have been unable to reach agreement on a proposal to extend health coverage to all uninsured Californians, raising the possibility
  • Limited health policies vex some buyers. Sales agents peddling health insurance through Mega Life or Mid-West National told customers the coverage was affordable and good. What they often didn't say, according to Massachusetts' top prosecutor, was that the companies' standard policies
  • Lock out 'mortgage protection' pitches. The meltdown among sub-prime mortgage lenders shows a particularly ugly side of the housing market - the business of selling high-risk financial products to people who may not be that financially savvy. Here's another: the


  • Teetering on the edge of insurance. Small business owners Gordon and Babette Brennan used to pay as much as $800 a month for health insurance. But the Jupiter, Fla. couple felt like they received little in return: Claims for ordinary pediatrician visits
  • Census: Health benefits scarcer. New numbers from the Census Bureau will likely fuel political debate in Congress and statehouses about the growing problem of the uninsured: Their ranks rose by 2.2 million in 2006. Overall, 47 million people lacked health insurance last
  • California anti-class-action initiative withdrawn. A ballot initiative to limit class-action lawsuits was abruptly withdrawn from the state Attorney General's office today after the backers, a coalition of businesses and local governments, said the timing of the June 2008 election and
  • Few know they are eligible for kids' health coverage. During the four years that her children were uninsured, Cassie O. Hall used the emergency room as their pediatrician. When Tayana had an asthma attack or Darren developed a stubborn rash, they would head to

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