• Más datos de cuidado infantil. La página electrónica del Medicare acaba de publicar detalles sobre la tasa de mortalidad por neumonía y medidas sobre el cuidado de la salud de los niños, los que amplía
  • Promotores de la salud. María Méndez ha sido Promotora de Salud por 6 años, pero apenas en el 2005 empezó a serlo con un salario, y aún en la actualidad parte de su trabajo sigue siendo voluntario.
  • Asegura tu mejor. ¿Qué hacer si tienes que cancelar un viaje? ¿Cómo evitar pagar dinero en penalidades y depósitos? ¿Vale la pena gastar un poco más para estar protegido? Para muchos, la respuesta es ¡sí!
  • El robo de identidad para trabajar. El robo de identidad es uno de los crímenes de mayor crecimiento en Estados Unidos durante los últimos años y los hispanos no sólo no son ajenos al problema, sino que lo
  • Prescription records used to assess customers. Health and life insurance companies have access to a powerful new tool for evaluating whether to cover individual consumers: a health "credit report" drawn from databases containing prescription drug records on more than 200 million Americans.


  • ¿A quién ayudará la ley de rescate?. El Senado de Estados Unidos aprobó el proyecto de ley que busca apuntalar al sector hipotecario y que autorizaría préstamos por miles de millones de dólares a las empresas hipotecarias Fannie Mae
  • Extending health insurance for young people. hildren are generally dropped from their parents' health insurance when they turn 18 or 19 or graduate from college. But 16 states now require insurers to cover dependent children on their parents' policies until the children are in
  • Social Security unveils new earnings calculator. People planning for retirement got a new tool this week: a fast and easy online estimator for their Social Security benefits. The Social Security Administration unveiled its new retirement estimator on its website Monday. The
  • Trying to save by paying docs more. Cutting health costs by paying doctors more? That is the premise of experiments under way by federal and state government agencies and many insurers around the country. The idea is that by paying family physicians,
  • Banks responsible for the loss of trust. By his own admission, Simi Valley resident Vince Asturi knew he had nothing to worry about when federal authorities took over IndyMac Bank. Asturi, 78, and his wife had less than $100,000 in assets at the Pasadena-based
  • Individual health policies leave many behind. Soon after a pediatrician noted in his medical records that 5-year-old Logan Swaim was short for his age, his mother, Theresa, tried to buy health insurance. Her husband, William, had started his own landscaping business
  • Pay-as-you-drive auto insurance. An alliance of insurance companies and environmentalists wants to bring a new kind of mileage-based auto insurance to California and charge motorists only for the number of miles actually driven. Called pay as you drive,
  • Doctors press Senate to undo Medicare cuts. Congress returns to work this week with Medicare high on the agenda and Senate Republicans under pressure after a barrage of radio and television advertisements blamed them for a 10.6 percent cut in payments to doctors


  • Keep watch on your credit report—free. If you're thinking about buying a home or refinancing a mortgage, you may want to avail yourself of a forthcoming free service that could help you get a better mortgage rate. Under the terms of
  • Beware, your credit score may have fallen. Just as Americans grow more reliant on credit cards to help pay monthly bills, they're being hit with a one-two punch: Card companies are reducing borrowing limits for tens of thousands of consumers, which then
  • Grads caught in health plan limbo get creative. This year, 1.4 million graduates are tossing their mortarboard caps into the sky and receiving bachelor's degrees. Almost immediately, many will face another rite of passage: getting dropped from their parents' health insurance. Most group health
  • Prescriptions for change in health care. From Capitol Hill to K Street, Washington is gearing up for another run at health-care reform. The Congressional Budget Office has nearly doubled its health policy team, hiring 21 people in the past year. The Brookings
  • Starting your first job?. To the hundreds of thousands of young people who have landed entry-level jobs that come with health insurance and a retirement plan, I offer my congratulations. Things are tough out there right now, so you
  • Steps to take for surviving job loss. Unemployment can strike anywhere, any time. And as we see right now, it's striking more often. The national unemployment rate in May had its biggest one-month jump in more than 20 years, rising a half-point to 5.5

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