• Experian will no longer offer FICO scores. Borrowers have less than 10 days to see their FICO credit scores calculated by Experian Group Ltd., one of the three biggest personal credit-rating bureaus. Experian notified Fair Isaac Corp., the Minneapolis-based credit-rating company, in January
  • Cobertura médica para millones de niños. El presidente Barack Obama firmó ayer un proyecto de ley para ampliar la cobertura médica a cuatro millones de menores, una bienvenida victoria lograda un día después que el nuevo gobierno sufrió
  • Obama signs children's health insurance bill. President Barack Obama signed a bill today extending health coverage to 4 million uninsured children, a much-needed win a day after he lost his nominee to lead his drive for sweeping health care reform. "This is
  • Cómo ahorrar dinero en tus seguros. En una época de crisis como la actual necesitas las mejores armas para luchar contra la economía tambaleante. Y para eso el Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) recomienda a los consumidores, como una
  • Battle over re-regulating the money business. Lost amid last week's bad economic news, an unexpectedly partisan vote on the stimulus and President Obama's saber-rattling over Wall Street bonuses were the opening shots of a battle over how far Washington should go
  • Give bankruptcy judges a chance to fix home loan. You know you're in a tight spot when Bankruptcy Court begins to look like the least bad solution to a pressing economic problem. But the housing foreclosure situation is pretty ugly, so there we are.
  • Economic fears have families on verge of unraveling. Signs abound that the battered economy is causing serious damage to the mental health and family lives of a growing number of Americans. Requests for therapists have soared, Americans say they're stressed out, and domestic-violence
  • Make the most of flexible spending accounts. Use it or lose it. Spurred by that impulse, employees and their dependents around the country are rushing to get check-ups and stock up on saline solution before the middle of March. Otherwise, they’ll


  • New credit-rating model is coming. Fair Isaac Corp. said Thursday that TransUnion LLC, one of the three major credit bureaus, will offer the credit-rating company's new model for evaluating borrowers' ability to repay lenders. The FICO 08 score, introduced by Fair
  • Consumer victory: National wreck registry is a reality. The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) will allow consumers to learn if a used car has been seriously damaged or stolen, based on information tied to the car’s vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • A used-car promise finally delivered. On Friday morning, consumers will be able to receive something the federal government promised in 1992: A way to minimize the chance of buying a used vehicle that is dangerous. That long-ago promise was for the
  • Obama, Congress seek deal on economic stimulus. Republicans in the U.S. Senate accepted on Thursday President Barack Obama's offer to search for a compromise on an economic stimulus bill that could end up costing around $900 billion, as long as tax cuts
  • U.S. aid now goes to credit unions. The federal government yesterday expanded its bailout to another vulnerable sector, saying it will inject $1 billion into a nonprofit company that provides banking services to the credit union industry. The government also will guarantee tens
  • Senate likely to pass kids' health insurance bill. The Senate is expected to approve a bill today that provides health insurance to about 11 million low-income children, paving the way for President Obama to claim an early legislative victory and collect a quick down
  • El seguro de vida no es un lujo. Casi tres de cada cinco estadounidenses no han adquirido una póliza de seguro de vida porque consideran que es muy cara, aún cuando los costos de éstas se han mantenido constantes o han
  • More fuel-efficient cars by 2011. President Obama's initiative Monday to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and boost fuel efficiency in new vehicles would cut costs for consumers and prod carmakers to more quickly roll out greener cars, some analysts say. Obama
  • Life Insurers' Relief Request Challenged. A life insurance industry request for regulatory relief would place consumers "at undue risk," Virginia's insurance commissioner said. Weakened by the financial crisis, life insurers have been seeking freedom to operate with thinner financial cushions,
  • New doubts about annuities. Retirement investors have long viewed annuities as an effective way to protect their nest egg. But the recent financial crisis has highlighted an inherent paradox: While annuities offer safety and guarantees, their benefits are tied
  • Viaja sin preocupaciones. En números anteriores de esta revista ya hemos hablado de los utilísimos seguros de viajeros que cubren cancelación, robo y problemas de salud. Pero tan importantes como esos son otros tipos de
  • ¿Está tu casa bien asegurada?. Muchas empresas van más allá del costo de reemplazo y ofrecen lo que se conoce en inglés como el extended replacement cost o costo de reemplazo extendido. Esto quiere decir que la empresa

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